Lyrics is mind control dabs is for handshakes from the ones who feel you. Love is not for the forgotten . Mind  control is never forgotten always trying to get on another level and kindness is show to the ones who earn it. However respect is something that is show to keep peace.        Ghetto love is shown when you give it back. The mile high club is for the times we had set backs and didn’t get stuff off the ground . We also  encounter better days for the ones we have lost.  Its Past  due to be a gravitational citizen I  feel as I  engage and go against mountains in life as well as from  my friends who has strife encounters. Who may wish to remain silent. I love you forever also may we keep it moving in a greater direction that can change life  for the better forever.           No matter what may stop us we took the chances to guess, live ,and succeed. We’re past that minor, major , and mind life crisis .   I got to keep moving on I know it may hurt I can only lay down for the past, present ,future and ending..  I know we go through the same trial,  I know its not fair we misunderstood the money. I sold my soul for the gossip NEVER the last shots of the shakes. I STILL fill THE RED OR BLUE you learned I bought the music you should have built a stronger stable.      I guess the clouds may turn grey when I see them shots are fire. We turn odds into dreams forever may you be on the level knowing life is going to get better may your seed grow up to never  encounter your struggles forever. May we chase different types of paths. We can CHANGE PLACES at your mind BEGINGS TO HAVE TO MUCH we may be INNOCENT plus  the MONEY IS THE GUILTY AND THE VERDIT IS IN MY HEART .     IS IT THE MOENY OR THE CHANGES that are our THOUGHTS  we ARE NEVER UNCOMMON .



These STEPS are UNDERSTANDING WERE we come from  LOVE IS ALL I got LEFT PLUS A FAMILY WHO IS LOVING and  REAL LOVING or the  wealthy , middle and the poor. who  can  just manage with  what they got or get from the bottom its better while  were here then exchanging mind states for engaging  with rats. Its about knowledge as well as power and understanding what you get for your misdeed cash or bad deeds. It was the game that came with the pieces.   I came BEFORE It I will  never END IT AT THE COFFESSION FLOOR I WORSHIP THE ONES WHO PUT ME ON forever . I got your back no matter what we go through its like we were brothers before WE WERE  in this deeper THEN  FINAL   buttons that WE were against now OR ARE THEY against us forever. never change sides love WHO YOU ARE ENCOURANGE YOUTHS TO STAND ON THE SIDE LINES TO BE GREAT AND WHILE WE MIGHT NOT CHANGE MAY WE CHANGE IN THE NEXT 60 YEARS COMING DOWN THE ROAD ITS A VITORY BECAUSE I’m gone in the wind. Hopefully in a coffee stable That’s stable their the blow, coffee, and  taxes plus the parties. The less trading butter for bread project steps and  encounters that start  wars. That have my love confused to use the bitch word Cause she loves me forever my brother said stand up and be there forever and understand it took me this long to comet this point in my life.    May I get to where I’m going once we see the goose or that plane with them country fellas playing rulers or plantation owners. I got  four corners and t shirts that got my ghetto in all directions to all  ghettos that have party wishes red monkey money .Junkies to love ghetto dreams to fill ghetto orders to supply  AND its the life I choose. I never  stated It I  never  said I didn’t know its the code I can die because I  will never forget these corners. Never forget them corners or take pills just real lazy no answers no meals before I take the pledge of faith.  Always just understanding  Its love or faith bye forever its what I understand its what I believe in just before you had love you HAD CHOICES . Your here and I  never wanted you gone I faced with ALL choices I will never change it in my heart may my seeds shine forever and become greater then  me bye isn’t saying I’M GONE IT’S REAL MUSIC WITH A SONG THAT MY PEERS FACE I JUDGE NO ONE JUST WAITING TO SEE THERE FACES FOREVE