quit hating love is a expression of grattitude

Hate is something that eats at your heart. May we all express different types of conversation to give each other a better insight on life. Allow your mistakes to never erode your life and give life a new beginning forever. When  you delay a conversation to over come something you can’t deal with is consider maturity . Allowing maturity to make you see right and wrong is good it is saying you were wrong. When we all quit making excuses for our current situations we can cope better. I love all  AND  I just  WANT TO BE given 95 Years like this then I will never allow my seeds to manifest these current thoughts OR GAIN SOMETHING THAT THIS LIFE WILL NEVER REACH MY CURRENT LOVE ONES FOREVER.


YES! you can win a ring YOU can accomplish any thing you put your mind to. just understand the media is trying  to make you fall off your square stand up and tell them you’re winners and you can produce forever.yes! has a way with words forever you must work harder to see you do better forever. GM IS A WAY TO SQUASH MISUNDERSTANDINGS UNDERSTAND LIFE IS ABOUT IT AND  TO GIVE YOU FAITH LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING . MY VEINS IS CALLED YES LOVE FOREVER

Indiana FEVER

Take your time move slow also I will LOVE seeing you blow through this season as a great team. To compete with OTHER greats as you all are.Smile and enjoy the simple things you enjoy doing the tasks that make you FEVER GREATNESS. Do a good deed for the opposite team and read the powerful book called 48 laws of power. JUST PRACTICE AS YOU DO AND ENJOY  GREATNESS IS  GREATNESS WHICH IS LOVE . I LOVE THE FEVER TEAM AND ALL EMPLOYED THERE SMILE AND BE  GREAT.  FROM  ******

No title “excuses”

 May the expressions we call excuses  AS I  stated   I have no problems. I try to solve my current solutions with my past current  positions in life for my family. May I encounter love that may break the feelings I FEEL AND SHOW SUPPORT TO MY FAMILY.

decisions 04 the hood forever

I made some poor choices because I love  them more then they think that they love me more then  they think. We came through these stream  of dirty up held what was ours.My mission is to lay down the old and become a father to the others. Who I have grow custom to because we all need each other in these trying times .That makes us each in need of  a way out so we can understand the best way I can let the easy stuff go and the hard part is losing best friends. To stiff L’S short 40’s and wounds that result in death . People becoming alley rats that become a disease to us. Stay alive and love our GHETTO FOREVER  WHO MAY EVER  MAY READ THIS  NEVER  LOSE SIGHT OF YOUR SIGHT  WHERE YOU COME FROM . WHO YOU ARE ; IMPORTANT WITH OUT THE TRYING BECAUSE  YOU ARE FELT FOREVER LOVE ..BOTTOMS UP MOLLY BIG STAY HEAVY PINK POCKETS NYC


When an  ad  is placed you gain knowledge from a product ;also you help the company gain knowledge. Companies    sell   there key  products through mass marketing and your self do you really  need it . Then you become aware that it is for the customer to really  buy and be the true judge of character of any product or be aware of false WORDS.Develop key goals in buying for your family  and seeing it from a business enterprise OR A CUSTOMER stand point. OUR ordeal IS however      TO buy  the RIGHT   product.  WE see that IT can work  FOR OUR FAMILIES BUSINESSES AND FOR OTHER  NEEDS, WE CAN  enjoy advertisement PLAYED GREATLY INSTEAD OF BEING MISUSED; because it pays bills  for some and it saves money for the others  so we can do for a whole what can be done more easily.


YOUR THE ORGANS THAT KEEP THIS FAMILY great .YOU GIVE ME THE BELIEF TO WALK THE RIGHT PATH I FEEL AS I let you down more then I should. I owe you an apology that i let you down for choosing the ones  who mean less to me that means you mean more to me .I feel as though I let you down by choosing my friends before I  choose you. I owe you a debt I cant repay you back. I owe you a trillion dollars in love respect, kindness,  and   meekness and understanding I love you.