decisions 04 the hood forever

I made some poor choices because I love  them more then they think that they love me more then  they think. We came through these stream  of dirty up held what was ours.My mission is to lay down the old and become a father to the others. Who I have grow custom to because we all need each other in these trying times .That makes us each in need of  a way out so we can understand the best way I can let the easy stuff go and the hard part is losing best friends. To stiff L’S short 40’s and wounds that result in death . People becoming alley rats that become a disease to us. Stay alive and love our GHETTO FOREVER  WHO MAY EVER  MAY READ THIS  NEVER  LOSE SIGHT OF YOUR SIGHT  WHERE YOU COME FROM . WHO YOU ARE ; IMPORTANT WITH OUT THE TRYING BECAUSE  YOU ARE FELT FOREVER LOVE ..BOTTOMS UP MOLLY BIG STAY HEAVY PINK POCKETS NYC

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