I LOST THE ONES THAT MEAN THE WORLD TO ME THAT ALLOW ME  TO NOT UNDERSTAND THEIR HONOR MAY GOD WORK ON THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SET UP MY CO DEFENDANTS FOREVER MAY WE KEEP OUR HEADS UP THROUGH THIS TIME AS REGAIN OUR MINDS TO MOVE ON WITH WHAT WERE DEALING WITH . MAY THE f.b.i. tell the truth because they have destroyed our neighborhoods with there coward ways on how they allow my friends to be set up then the wish to hear lies  because the truth is not in them . May your walk never be heard from may our conversation never be our heard may we rebuild our families from one handshake forever and grow to understand that we can over come the government lies and illegal wire taps bye forever illegal grounds and illegal search while  the seizure is resold to set up another person  that you want to have a out date so far away god couldn’t take a shower. Iunderstand that life isn’t  to be re don i will love you all forever and dream for you all forever one


You can be built like a champion you have to fight for your right to go over the expected. May encounters that you have be great may wins or loses never discourage you in life. May the  money never attract you to a team where your not happy and always  have love for  the ones who taught you the game and helped you make it  out to build your career around the good, bad, and the ugly as well as some the upsets as well as the defeats that give you the power to win forever and wins will be easy against any body .Now today and tomorrow will take losing out of your mind just enjoy the good times that make wins memories forever.Love you all as well as the cheerleaders forever cheer for the team who can rock the house and enjoy the things that matter to all that cares your  here in this league to shine forever. Never lose sight of your goals and acquire all the knowledge to be  great in life  always while learning from others whether friends associates.